Shipwreck surveying

Shipwreck surveying and site investigation


DataTo identify the location of an unknown historical or modern wreck is not an easy task even with the outline survey coordinates and information of the target site. A large-scale swath survey can prove expensive and time consuming. AquaGeo has recently developed a technique combining industry recognised equipment in the seismic acquisition and high-resolution marine geophysical survey industry customised specifically for this application. The benefit to the client is reduced acquisition time in terms of site locations and detection of false magnetic anomalies.

The biggest challenge in terms of wreck identification is ensuring you have a team of personnel that are experienced in archeological research and near-surface seabed detection. In conjunction with our partners we can provide the vessel to suit our clients need with a multipurpose self-sufficient diving team to assist with site investigation or recovery.

We can deliver:-

  •  Marine seismic towing techniques
  • Data 3 High resolution Marine magnetometer surveys
  • High and low frequency sidescan sonar
  • Sub-bottom profiler
  • Kongsberg 3D Chirp
  • Data processing in partnership with SAND Geophysics
  • Dedicated dive support vessel – DSV Curtis Marshall