Shallow Seabed Detection

Services in shallow target seabed detection and exploration

3D Chirp System

3D Chirp System

AquaGeo has extensive experience in shallow water seismic surveying in remote locations all over the world.  As a result of a successful collaboration with SAND Geophysics, AquaGeo has expanded its horizons to include the provision of specialist turnkey services in near-surface detection.

AquaGeo’s UK projects will be supported by B Marshall Marine in Middlesbrough, with the DSV Curtis Marshall, a recently constructed 26-metre survey vessel also equipped for ROV and dive support.  This vessel is a perfect platform and has recently been upgraded to expand operations in both towed magnetometer and sidescan surveys.

AquaGeo is branching out to explore a “new niche” in shallow water exploration in partnership with SAND Geophysics.  Together, AquaGeo and SAND Geophysics can provide a turnkey package of services, suited to shallow water hydrocarbon exploration/pipeline inspection and for seabed detection, marine archeology/geology, construction and UXO detection.  As part of this, SAND Geophysics bring their expertise with the 3D Chirp system developed by Kongsberg and the University of Southampton; a specialist shallow water detection tool providing decimeter-resolution, three-dimensional acoustic images of the seabed and shallowly buried structures.

Turnkey services include:-


>   Shallow water exploration and equipment sea trials
>   Oil and gas pipeline inspection/dive support services
>   3D Chirp imaging
>   Magnetometer surveys
>   Sub-bottom profiling
>   UXO and debris detection
>   Data processing in interpretation

Aqua Geo Seismic for Science -PDF