Geophysical Project Management

Geophysical vessel outfitting and mobilisation

James Scott coming in for maintenance.

Vessels of opportunity – creating the bespoke project solution

Seismic doesn’t always have to be big to be successful. We outfit and mobilise “vessels of opportunity” for use in difficult or remote areas not accessible to existing survey ships. We provide cost effective geophysical vessel design, outfitting and mobilisation.

AquaGeo has been contracted to work on a number of projects where we are assisting with the provision and implementation of customised solutions for multi purpose geophysical vessels and vehicles outfitted and designed to work in transition and tidal survey areas.

Design and fabrication

We deliver bespoke solutions simply but efficiently..

AquaGeo is a provider of bespoke in-water handling systems for seismic source and recording equipment, and the temporary installation of this equipment on a variety of different vessels.

As a solution provider for difficult surveys this usually results in equipment being adapted and tested beyond the design criteria of the equipments original specification. This often leads to assisting the manufacture not only in equipment testing, but also ongoing development. We recognise that our suppliers are a valuable asset to the Company;  they are an important factor in ensuring that we deliver a successful project to our clients.

In collaboration with our preferred industry suppliers, we can also provide seismic source modeling and equipment testing.

Technical solutions for Seismic manufacturers

 Providing the link from installation to operations

All marine industry seismic manufacturing companies from time-to-time will require an interface between their product and the seismic operation especially when equipment is installed onboard a vessel for the first time.   This can be very demanding on the supplier, taking away valuable resources when it enters into business with new customers.  This is particularly the case with emerging markets and with companies that have very little experience in the marine geophysical industry.

AquaGeo has extensive knowledge in niche-market marine activities and we have installed and operated a large variety of marine seismic products and equipment on a wide range of vessels and amphibious equipment.  We have the internal and external resources to provide the necessary level of  technical support.  Our services can be customised to suit your operational requirements.

Experienced personnel for marine seismic operations

Experienced personnel = a successful survey

aqua-personnelOur major asset is in our team of experienced project leaders and key offshore personnel.  The backbone of our service, providing us with the ability to cover all aspects of any marine geophysical operation that we are contracted to either undertake or to manage.

A majority of our key personnel specialise in unconventional 2D acquisition, shallow water and transition zone surveys using geophysical marine techniques.

We ensure personnel are provided with the correct certification/visas/HSE training/medical insurance and we coordinate  all the logistics of each field crew members arrival and departure between home and work location.  We remain responsible for the health and well being of our personnel for the duration of their time spent on any project.